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Welcome to the USS Pittsburgh (SSN-720) alumni covering all years. On this site, we host information about the USS Pittsburgh. You can register for events, subscribe to alumni information and support the current crew of our grand lady of the fleet, The Ghost of the East Coast. (continued below video)

Our 4th reunion is coming up Wednesday November 6 through Sunday November 10 2013 and will be in Las Vegas, NV, at the Golden Nugget. Dean Wise (89-92) has an in there. The first 3 reunions (2002?, 2011 and 2012) have all been in Groton and we thought it was only fair that you West Coast folks had an equal shot. Details on reunion price, rooms, reunion dinner, Grand Canyon tour, etc., will be forthcoming.

Some folks will come in early in the week, some late and some will be there the whole week. This is most definitely an all years event. Currently, approximately 50 shipmates and significant others have indicated that they are coming. We hope to see you there!

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  1. Hey guys, I was part of the crew from ’89 to ’92. I am working on setting up a reunion in Vegas this November. I have contacts that can get us rooms and a meeting room at the Golden Nugget, a show at MGM (Ka’ or a Comedy Show) and a Grand Canyon tour. Will also see about setting up a dinner (most likely at the Golden Nugget). As things go forward I will set up a list to see how many will attend (needed for setting up the rooms and shows).
    More info soon.

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